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20 May Henning Mankell

Last night I finished The Girls of August by Siddons (see a pic in my previous post). TGOA was more of a beachy summer read, but it was from my library (via Overdrive app) and library books usually take a bit of precedence. I have read most of Siddons’ books, which mostly take place in southern beach towns. It was a fast read and I do recommend it if you like these types of books. Siddons has been around well before many of the other beach-genre writers.

Anyway, on to the next book. Henning Mankell is a Swedish author who has written a series as well as many stand-alone novels. I first came across Mankell in a book-related article. I began searching out his books. I did find one on my library’s ‘for sale’ shelves and I ordered another from thriftbooks.com ( a great site for used books ). Overdrive has many available and it is where I read my Henning book. Italian Shoes drew me in from the start. Mankell’s writing is superb. I found myself thinking about not only the story but the atmospheric quality of his style during and after the story was finished. Italian Shoes has a sequel titled After the Fire. Interestingly, ATF is the one I had ordered from thriftbooks, not realizing until just a few days ago that is was the sequel. Sometimes I’m just riding the slow bus, no ands, ifs, or buts. When I realized how much I enjoyed IS, I was prompted to look up his series, which is based around a detective named Kurt Wallender. Series are not usually my thing because, well, they just aren’t. From the inside page there looks to be twelve Wallender books and looking at the picture above you can see that I am contradicting myself and taking part in a series, but that’s because Mankell is pretty amazing. His talent was evident from reading just one book. Who’s to say-maybe I’ll read the whole Wallender series or maybe I’ll stick to his stand-alones. Either way, Mankell isn’t writing anything else because he passed away in 2015, so if you are looking for a ‘ new-to-you’ author, give him a try.

“Mankell’s atmospherics…give you metaphysical goosebumps.”

Boston Herald

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