21 May Travel

Clinging to the coattails of my last post I started thinking more about reading versus real life. I think it would be presumptuous to assume that myself or anyone chooses reading over real life experiences. So let me clarify a little. First, and most obvious, to enjoy reading you have to be alive. Real life trumps in the most important sense in this case. The thing is, readers can truly be anywhere. Our imaginations are incredible. We gain knowledge, and travel the world without moving an inch. I enjoy physically traveling, but life and it’s accompanying responsibilities don’t readily allow it. Another thing, physical travel can be taxing in itself. Hours by car, train, or plane, getting sick in a foreign place, or other events that make it all seem like an expensive headache. To me, along with the positives of traveling there are just as many negatives. I know many won’t agree with me and that’s ok. I do love the memories made in special or fun places, but I also hold memories associated with the books I have read at specific times in my life. There are many countries I will never set foot in or see with my own eyes, but I guarantee my mind has been more places than any non-reader can ever hope to visit.

“The world was hers for the reading.”

– Betty Smith

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