23 May Cost

I have a friend who’s reading habits bother certain members of her family. We had a conversation years ago about it and it has stuck with me. Her life has since become busier with work and having more children so I’m sure her reading has dropped off a bit. However, the main thoughts of that conversation have always bugged me.

Reading is a solitary and quiet sport. It has no room for nagging or unnecessary speaking. It doesn’t gossip and usually it doesn’t cost much money. I love reading so much that I cannot fathom how it could bother anyone, but I guess that is naive thinking.

The cost of reading is time. I have no problem with this because it is time well spent, but I have often heard the phrase from my husband, “and I lose to a book again.” He’s halfway kidding, but I know he halfway means it. In my defense, this comment usually comes late at night when literally I am just laying my head down after a long day and simply want ten glorious minutes to myself. He, on the other hand wants to do other activities.

My intentions when reading are never to upset anyone, but I think it happens naturally because those around you feel left out. This never bothers me while reading in public because I do not care what most of this Obsessive-Facebook-scrolling world thinks. I have been known to read while visiting certain relatives, and begrudgingly, I am working on that. I don’t read while hanging out with my dearest friends because I truly enjoy time spent with them. I do read if I am sitting with my children and they are immersed with a TV show. My husband and I do have a show or two that we watch together and I don’t read during those. We sit on our porch a lot and I read while he scrolls his phone ( sometimes FB, but not obsessively ).

So my full disclosure is this: I almost always would rather be reading. That’s just who I am. Relationships can be work and I do realize that some of them truly are worth the work and effort and it’s those few I will choose to nurture. I’m not out to hurt feelings, I promise. And remember I did say almost. There are always exceptions.

“Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day makes that day happier.

-Kathleen Norris

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