24 May Friday

Friday. Books. Wine. Dessert. Four of my favorite things. Friday has always had a neat and tidy feeling. The ending of a work week combined so nicely with the beginning of the weekend. Friday feels hopeful. As in, maybe I can finish house and life chores and still manage to finish a book or three before the next week begins.

Books. Well really everyday has some sort of book-matter attached to it. If it didn’t, my life would really be out of sorts. I can count on one hand (& not even use all of my fingers) how many times I have been somewhere and not had a book with me over the last ten years. I’m that much of a book nerd. The last time I forgot my kindle I felt antsy. Books are my security blanket.

Wine. I prefer a medium to dry red. But really I am not picky. A five dollar bottle can taste just as good as a high dollar one. And really, after a glass or two, they all taste pretty darn similar. If you are pouring, I am drinking.

Ah, dessert. This has become tricky over the last two years. I cut my sugar drastically because I think I was a sugar-aholic. That being said, I have some amazing recipes that get the job done and are quite delicious.

There you have it. Friday’s are for the extra good stuff in life. So I’m off to finish my book, start another, all while drinking some wine and eating dessert.

Cheers to Friday!

“Wine is bottled poetry.”

-Erin Morgenstern
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