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28 May Life Stories

Self-help is a genre that I almost always, without question, completely avoid. Upon seeing a self-help section I usually am rolling my eyes as I quickly pass it by. It’s not that I think that professionals and other experts have nothing profound to say. My problem is that self-help books (in general) have such broad agendas (even when covering something specific) that are meant to appeal to the masses. We are all so different even when going through similar experiences. Also-so many of them feel like a cheap attempt at making a quick buck off of someone grasping and needing so much more in the realm of true self-help. Don’t flip out, there are wonderful (if few) exceptions in this category.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by #LoriGottlieb is not self-help. I feel like I need to mention this, because the title gives a SH vibe. In my opinion, it’s more of a memoir. This book is fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in psychology. I like memoirs and non-fiction. I don’t like someone touting knowledge or advice to someone they don’t know personally; it comes across as strange and flippantly arrogant.

Gottlieb’s voice and timing is on par. She intertwines her personal therapy sessions with those of the patients she sees. I found myself turning down corners of many pages, (don’t cringe-I “live” in my books, and sometimes they get manhandled) which held such resonating passages. This book follows her journey and those of her patients at a pace that feels incredibly human. This book has depth and is one that shouldn’t be missed.

“…I was reminded that heart is just as fragile at seventy as it is at seventeen. The vulnerability, the longing, the passion-they’re all there in full force.”

– Lori Gottlieb

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