June 2019

17 Jun Theory

The title of this book by Margaret Bradham Thornton got me thinking about love, relationships, and especially marriage. The word theory has several meanings in the dictionary, two of which stood out to me. 1. A belief or principle that guides action or assists comprehension or...

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15 Jun Bookclub

I am part of a book club. A group of us meet once a month to eat, drink, and discuss books. We've been getting together for several years now. Our group has grown, gotten smaller, almost stopped meeting, then sort-of re-vamped, and got bigger....

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15 Jun Finally

Oh my word, is that Friday I see? Break out the books, wine, and dessert ASAP. There's just something that always feels good about Friday, even if my plans only include putting on pajama pants a few hours earlier. Another bad habit I have when it...

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