03 Jun Heartbreak

• A big thank you to #Scribner for this ARC of Ask Again, Yes by @marybethkeane •

Recently I came across a line in an article that said part of being an adult is accepting heartbreak. This stopped me in my tracks and has jumbled around inside my head ever since. I can’t shake them out or pretend I didn’t read those words. So just like paying bills and taking out the trash, accepting heartbreak is another check mark on the con side of the ‘being an adult list.’

Although teenagers and children experience heartbreak, they don’t usually have the accompanying responsibilities of taking care of a family or going to work that gets heaped on top of a hurting heart. When everything else has to be done in life in order to assure someone arrives on time, that clothes get washed, and dinner gets made, as an adult-when does the heart get time to adequately heal? In my opinion, it doesn’t, at least not fully.

Last year was very difficult for me. The heartbreak I felt and continue to feel will no doubt be carried for quite some time. As those words said, I have accepted the heartbreak. Time has helped, as have the busy details of daily life. But the broken pieces remain. I think about them often as I continue to move past them. At first it was anger that spilled out everywhere, but as I have come to terms with most of it, I have begun to replace some the angry feelings with grace. Some anger still remains, but’s ugly head doesn’t get reared as often.

The families of Ask Again, Yes experience incredible amounts of heartbreak. Each family carries on, changing its shape along the way. This story is one that I have continued to think about. Heartbreak is unique and shouldn’t be compared against the heartbreak of someone else. We experience and feels things differently and no one knows truly how the inside of another’s heart feels. Broken pieces are hard to carry around. Jagged pieces have the ability to cut new wounds where the old ones haven’t fully healed.

But we keep on going. Little by little, day by day. We take in the tiny bits of beautiful sunlight that occasionally reach our eyes and apply it as a healing salve. That soothing feeling attaches itself to the heartbreak and provides a softer landing spot the next time your mind drifts to the place that hurts most.

I recommend this book by @marybethkeane most of all because there is comfort in reading about the heartbreak of others, if simply to realize that are not alone in our heartbreak. We all experience the unfortunate shattering of hearts and just as we must accept this, we also must somehow allow ourselves to heal.

“Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.”

– Louis L’Amour

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