I Think You’ll Find That Most Readers Are In Fact, Happy Readers

30 Jul I Think You’ll Find That Most Readers Are In Fact, Happy Readers

Not surprisingly many of my favorite things are book-related. Cute book totes, bookmarks, and the publication The Happy Reader (published by Penguin Random House) are prime examples.

THR is a quarterly literary magazine that has become a fast favorite of mine over the years. It travels from the UK to my mailbox in a smart envelope that makes me smile when it peeks out from the mail stack.

Every issue of THR is divided in to two parts. Part one features an in depth interview with who ever graces the cover.

The summer issue features the actor Owen Wilson. Included in part one is a section titled Snippets, which is two pages of reading/book related news from all over the globe. Sometimes it is a funny blurb, or a death of a prominent person, or some other interesting factoid. There are no ads, just beautiful matte pages filled with words to read and photography to look at.

Part two features The Book of the Season, which is always mentioned in the previous issue (on the last page), giving you three months to read it before the next THR arrives. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is this issues BOTS, which was listed at the end of the spring 2019 magazine. The BOTS is discussed and is basically the other half of the publication, like a mini-bookclub. There are other features in part two that tie together nicely with the magazine as a whole.

Another item that makes my heart sing are the bookmarks. Each issue has a lovely card stock bookmark tucked just inside the cover. Sometimes a quote is featured on one side, with an artsy print on the other. As you can see, like the magazine itself- I also hold on to the beautiful bookmarks.

As much as I love this magazine, I don’t tear through it. Not sure if it’s because I want to savor it a bit since there are only four issues a year, or if it reminds more of a book than a traditional magazine. Meaning, with a regular-type magazine I sort of flip through, maybe only really giving my attention to a few areas, but with a book and also THR, I read every page. Years ago I received several magazine subscriptions. Over time I realized they were stacking up unread because I was devoting my precious reading time to books. I canceled the subscriptions to all but one, which even though I genuinely like it, I still don’t read it on the same level as THR. THR is also the perfect size. It reminds me of a slightly larger (not in page amount) trade paper back book, easy to tuck in a bag or purse. Another cool thing, the only price you pay is shipping. I think each magazine comes out to $5-6. That price is probably different depending on where you live. My subscription just comes out of my account four times a year. THR can be bought individually (though it may cost more that way), by the year, or ongoing subscription (what I have). Go to www.thehappyreader.com to find out more specifics or to order.

I think THR would make a great gift for any bookworm you may know. As you can see, they don’t look clutter-y, just stylish as they lay out in all of their literary glory.



“Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.”

– Henry Ward Beecher

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  • TMP
    Posted at 17:22h, 11 August Reply

    I’m with you. After good food, reading is the only thing that I enjoy spending money on. It is my dream to actually build a proper home library and reading spot one day.

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