Body Like A (Mysterious) Back Road

04 Sep Body Like A (Mysterious) Back Road

• Thank you #RandomHouse #partner for this copy of Diagnosis by Lisa Sanders •

I really want to start this book.

And I would start this book, if I wasn’t already reading five books. Pure ridiculousness is what reading five books at one time is. I’ve posted before about how frustrated I get with myself over this multiple-book reading habit, so I won’t go on and on about it.

After a certain point in life, and it’s different for everyone, you just begin to except things about yourself a little easier. Just because I get frustrated with myself, doesn’t mean I’m going to change that quality. I’ve excepted that it’s always going to happen, time and time again. So there is no use trying to change it, plus the frustration only lasts until I immerse myself into one of my many reads. The only caveat is choosing which book to read at any given time.

Diagnosis by Lisa Sanders, M.D., sounds fascinating. The book is a compilation of the New York Times Magazine Diagnosis column. Sanders was an advisor on the TV drama, House, M.D., which was based upon mystery or tricky medical conditions.

There are fifty-three cases, divided into eight parts. After flipping through the book (not reading it, because then I would be up to six books) it looks like each story is just 2-3 pages long, so it is probably a very fast read.

Currently, Diagnosis is a Netflix Original documentary series.

There are just seven episodes right now, it will be interesting to see how they match the book.

Everyone knows the book is just about always better, but Netflix seems to do a pretty decent job on their Originals.

I am tired and ready for bed, but I’ve got miles to read before I sleep 💤

Good-night, Bookworms.



“Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.” – George R.R. Martin

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