Taylor Swift Is 22, But She’s Immortal, So There’s That

23 Sep Taylor Swift Is 22, But She’s Immortal, So There’s That

Did you just read the title and think, wait, what blog am I reading ?


Did you know Taylor Swift is immortal? I totally did not.

You’re at the right blog, keep reading.

Another question. What makes you keep a book versus giving it away or trading it at a used book shop? Are there certain authors or editions you automatically hold on to? Do you keep books for sentimental purposes? Just because someone gives me a book doesn’t necessarily mean I will keep it forever. I don’t mean that harshly at all, I promise. I have limited book shelf space, as we all do. Most likely if I loved the book, no matter who gave it to me, I will hang on to it. If I love it and someone I love gave it to me-there’s no question, that book has a permanent home. But what if the book kind of stinks, but someone I love or think highly of gave it to me- then what?

PS. I’ll get back to TSwift in a minute.

Well I would most likely give the stinky book away. So, now answer this, what if that stinky book has a a lovely tribute written to you inside the cover by the said gift giver?

Now what? Would you keep it? I’m not a complete heartless-a$$hat, I’d keep it, just so you know. However, to (maybe) contradict what I just said, one time I did give away a book that was truly stinky. There wasn’t a heartfelt tribute written, but there was a “To _____ “ and then “From______.” Before I put it in my used book trade stack, I did Sharpie the whole to/from thing out, so that sort of doesn’t count, right?

But what if you received a book and this was written inside?

This is the message:

“Camille, Happy Birthday! Now you are twenty-two, like Taylor Swift is (I don’t think T. Swift is still 22, but she is immortal, so there’s that.) I think I might be incapable of giving gifts that aren’t books* but this book is really excellent and I think you’d like it. I hope you enjoy it.


*I feel like this, more than any other factor, is going to scupper my bid to be a “cool uncle” but what can you do?“

Note: I had never heard of the word, scupper, so I had to look it up. It means: to thwart.

So my dears, have you figured out where TSwift comes in? It’s all coming together now, isn’t it? Except now we also know that Camille is a jerk. Poor Uncle Jim was right, his gift truly did scupper his bid to become the cool uncle, because his thoughtful gift was given away by the unthoughtful Camille.

If someone had taken the time to write that sweet note and tell me that TSwift is immortal, that would equal an instant keeper in my book (even if Uncle Jim was kind of lame). But Camille has no heart, apparently.

Regarding the book in question, There But For The by Ali Smith, I have not read it, but I want to (and not just because of this whole Camille/Jim fiasco). Below is the Amazon synopsis:

• At a dinner party in the posh London suburb of Greenwich, Miles Garth suddenly leaves the table midway through the meal, locks himself in an upstairs room, and refuses to leave. An eclectic group of neighbors and friends slowly gathers around the house, and the story of Miles is one told from the points of view of four of them: a woman in her 40s called Anna, a man in his 60s called Mark, a woman in her 80s called May, and a 10-year-old child called Brooke. The thing is… none of these people knows Miles anything more than glancingly. So how much is it possible to know about a stranger? And what are the consequences of even the most casual, most fleeting meetings we have every day with other human beings? •

The only other Ali Smith I have on my shelf is, How To Be Both. I’ve yet to read it, but it was a gift from my brother. He rarely gives me books, so this is definitely a keeper. Sadly, there’s no tribute to TSwift written inside.

Happy Monday, Bookworms.

“When you give someone a book, you don’t give him just paper, ink, and glue, you give him the possibility of a whole new world.” —Christopher Marley

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  • Kim McKinney
    Posted at 21:34h, 23 September Reply

    I couldn’t give away any book that had an inscription. Especially from Uncle Jim. I hurt for him a little….

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