Hello Clarice.

24 Oct Hello Clarice.

October is a time for cozy sweaters and pumpkin-everything.

It’s also a time for for posting creepy, strange books and pictures with blood spatter. I happen to love blood spatter, in case you haven’t noticed. In another life I would love to be a blood spatter analyst, à la Dexter.

Of course all the blood in my pictures is non-toxic paint (just in case *anyone cares).

*I happen to know there are actually a shit-ton of people out there who have some serious opinions about paint. But that’s another story for another day 🎨

Moving on.

If you’ve been following my blog this week then you know I’ve been posting theme weeks throughout the month of October.

The theme this week has been:

He just happens to be my very favorite villain. Tonight’s post is about The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris. This is probably the most well-known book in the series and the accompanying movie is nothing short of phenomenal. Scary as hell, but phenomenal.

SOTL was written second, but should be read third-according to me. You can read these books in any order of your choosing. I prefer to read things in an orderly timeline if at all possible, which is why I begin with the book written fourth (Hannibal Rising) because it is about Hannibal as a child.

This story follows another serial killer, Buffalo Bill who is abducting women. An FBI trainee, Clarice Starling, is sent to meet with Dr. Lecter to once again request his help, this time in the Buffalo Bill case.

From the beginning Lecter is very taken with Agent Starling. As she begins to question Lecter, he begins to analyze her. His intrigue with the vast and deep corners of the mind (which he calls his Memory Palace) lead him to ask questions about Sterling’s personal life and childhood, which Starling is hesitant in responding to, especially at first.

As time goes by, Lecter does provide help in profiling what type of person Buffalo Bill is. As he answers Starling’s questions, she begins to open up about herself. Starling is drawn more to Lecter as time goes by. Not in a romantic way necessarily, but in more of a mental stand-off. Although they exist on opposite sides of the law, there is a strong mutual respect of one another. The complexities of their relationship is fascinating. It seems almost unfathomable that a relationship and even a friendship of sorts could even exist.

Tomorrow’s post featuring the fourth Hannibal book concludes this week’s theme. I hope you have enjoyed this week’s posts, because I have enjoyed writing and photographing them for you. It’s always fun to visit old, creepy favorites, especially in the spookiest month of the year 🎃

Like the previous three Hannibal books, the creep factor is high- deliciously high. It’s this factor alone, which should spur you to read it all the more.

“Good-bye Clarice. Will you let me know if ever the lambs stop screaming?” -Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs

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