Diamonds Or Chocolate? Or Both?

25 Nov Diamonds Or Chocolate? Or Both?

Thank you #RandomHouse #partner for this book.

This weekend was a whirlwind in the best way possible.

Three great friends and I visited Minneapolis, MN for a book signing. One friend wrote Southern Keto, which is a cookbook for people who eat or are interested in ketogenic (low carb/high fat/high protein) eating. It’s always fun watching her speak about something she loves and this was no exception.

An ice cream shop called Luv, located in Minnesota had invited my friend to speak and sign books at their shop. She invited us to go with her to Minnesota. Luv is an ice cream shop in St. Paul that makes Keto ice cream, chocolate, and desserts. Saying everything was delicious is a vast understatement. The owners and other shop staff were such precious people with hospitality bursting from their sweet faces.

Eating low carb greatly cuts sugar-intake, which is the main reason I began eating this way several years ago. I am not diabetic, but knew that I didn’t need to consume so much sugar. Although I have cut my sugar, I still love dessert, which is obvious from my Friday posts. Usually I have to make my own Keto desserts, so visiting a shop that has a huge selection of Keto-friendly desserts is nothing short of amazing.

We all landed back in Tennessee with full bellies and bags full of delicious chocolate.

Thank you, thank you, Luv!

At the beginning of the month I mentioned several book bloggers had put together a month of non-fiction themed weeks. This is the last week of these themes and this week is titled:

New to my TBR non-fiction

Every post this week will feature a non-fiction book I am interested in reading. I may scatter in a few non-fiction books that have read as well.

My reading tastes have always gravitated towards fiction. If I do read non-fiction and it isn’t told in a story format, I will skip around to whatever suits my interest. I’ve never been able to read non-story-format non-fiction from cover-to-cover. Saying all this, I have read more non-fiction books this year. When I say, “read,” I mean only the ones I’ve read cover-to-cover. The skipping around non-fictions never count toward my reading totals, which frustrates me. It’s something I’ve brought on myself and I can’t seem to change it. It seems weird to count a book when I’ve only read a few (or not all) chapter, but I’m weird-and I’ve excepted that too 😉

The Cartiers by Francesca Cartier Brickell is the story of the three Cartier brothers who turned their grandfather’s small jewelry store in to the luxury empire it is today 💍

Brickell has a direct link, being the great-granddaughter of the youngest Cartier brother. She has traveled the globe to learn not only the history behind the iconic jewelry, but also the surrounding drama, romance, intrigue, and betrayal. Below is the Amazon synopsis:

The Cartiers is the revealing tale of a jewelry dynasty—four generations, from revolutionary France to the 1970s. At its heart are the three Cartier brothers whose motto was “Never copy, only create” and who made their family firm internationally famous in the early days of the twentieth century, thanks to their unique and complementary talents: Louis, the visionary designer who created the first men’s wristwatch to help an aviator friend tell the time without taking his hands off the controls of his flying machine; Pierre, the master dealmaker who bought the New York headquarters on Fifth Avenue for a double-stranded natural pearl necklace; and Jacques, the globe-trotting gemstone expert whose travels to India gave Cartier access to the world’s best rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, inspiring the celebrated Tutti Frutti jewelry •

Doesn’t that sound fascinating? I am not a jewelry fan, as far as the real stuff goes (bring on the costume jewelry!) but I think this story sounds incredible. Anything old world grabs my attention.

“Pearls are always appropriate.” -Jackie Kennedy

Fun Fact: Even though I said I don’t care to buy real jewelry, the pearls in today’s post are real. They were a wedding gift and are one of the only genuine pieces I own.

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