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18 Dec More Time & More Pages

As Christmas nears, I’ve been struggling with what to write. I want book-related content, but I also want something besides book lists and gifts.

What I ultimately want is time. Quality time to spend cozied-up in a chair with a good book or twelve. The sad thing about this thought is this: life has been so crazy that if I find myself in a cozy chair for more than five minutes, I will be asleep.

So—have you heard of or:

Have you ever taken a reading vacation? Several years ago I had heard of this and then not long after, I read an article about doing this.

One person went to a spa-like place that was out of town, the other got a hotel in town. Both people just spent the weekend reading. As in un-disturbed, no laundry or other household chores to haunt you. I’m a huge homebody, but sometimes being at home makes truly relaxing difficult. There are always things that need to be done and they often overshadow taking time to unwind.

The idea of a reading vacation has stuck with me. I know if I brought it up to my husband he would most likely roll his eyes. He knows how much I am obsessed with reading, but I have no doubt he would think a reading vacation is taking it just a step too far.

I disagree.

Regular vacations are a lot of work. Part of that work comes from who all is actually going. Tons of stuff to pack, stuff to remember to pack, and then get annoyed when you forget. That’s not even acknowledging the whole mess of unpacking upon your return. The vacation itself is usually fun, yet often exhausting. If you are a staunch bookworm (which I am), you often still don’t get as much reading time as you had envisioned because vacations are usually busy with all sorts of stuff. Fun stuff, but still stuff, that isn’t reading.

I know this may paint me as an anti-social weirdo, and I’m fine with that. Because sometimes that’s what I feel like being. Maybe not the weirdo part so much, but definitely the anti-social part.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for a family vacation. I have been looking forward to this for almost a year. Even though I know it isn’t the reading vacation I have been writing about, I have still packed an obscene amount of books. Why would I do this when I know this trip is going to be packed to the gills with good company, good food, and just an overall good time? I’ll tell you why. Because I am a bookworm through and through. Because I still hold out hope that I will sneak in extra bits of reading at times I wasn’t expecting to have any. That’s just me. As long as there are hours left in a day, I will always try to spend them reading.

“I read my eyes out and can’t read half enough… the more one reads the more one sees we have to read.” – John Adams

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