Dark Morning, Light Thoughts. Think Tall.

12 Apr Dark Morning, Light Thoughts. Think Tall.

Dark skies, pouring rain, steaming coffee 🍮, and lots of books.

Happy Easter.

Other than the giant elephant in the room, things are pretty much status quo around here. Whatever these days ahead have in store, life will find a way.

So, give the elephant it’s space, but not all of it. Re-situate yourself and keep going. As much as we have all fantasized about what we’d do with a bunch of extra time, when it suddenly is dropped in your lap, it’s a bit perplexing.

But perplexing doesn’t have to be bad, it just depends on how you look at it. One of its’ definitions is: puzzling. So figure it out. Whatever has got you puzzled, put the pieces together and see what picture you get.

I’m not going to endlessly analyze this, because the media outlets do a monotonous job of it already.

All I want to get across is this: revel in this time. Define it, don’t let it define you.

Since you are here, you are most likely a reader, so make your stack higher. Let it wobble a bit with books you are excited to read.


📌 DIY tip: make your stack tall and stable and create a “new” side table made solely of books.


If some of your choices stink, toss them aside and move on without a second thought. This is the perfect time to embrace the DNF (did not finish) concept if you haven’t already.

Do not waste this precious time on shit books.

If you don’t exercise your DNF muscle, you’ll let bad books get the best of you. The best of you should only be reserved for good and great books, remember that.

Update on Bookclub:

📌 Friday night, our bookclub “met” on our group text for almost 2 hrs (see my last post for a little blurb about it). I thought it went really well. There were laughs on my end and it was fun to interact with my sweet friends. If you are thinking about how to keep up with your own bookclub and don’t feel like going the virtual route, give this a try.

What I’m reading:

📌 I’m still chugging away at The Stand, but I also started May’s bookclub selection, which I will write about soon. Also—today I will finish another book that has grabbed my heart and mind in so many ways. When I came across this book, the line on the cover beneath the title grabbed my attention. I started reading it and quickly felt myself becoming immersed in it. I promise I will share it with you all soon. It’s one of those books I want to pick up for all of my closest friends, because I think it will speak to everyone differently.

Happy Sunday, Bookworms

  • Julie Wyatt
    Posted at 21:16h, 12 April Reply

    For some reason I was reading your “stack em up” in song form of “knock em back” I guess that’s appropriate whether it be coffee this morning or wine this evening! Love you!

    • themostconstant
      Posted at 21:50h, 12 April Reply

      Sounds good to me! Love you right back 🙂 🍷🍮📚

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