29 Oct Livin’ On The Edge

Right here, right now I am sitting on bleachers not watching the girls basketball team play. I am instead writing this blog post. We are here to watch my youngest son play and his game hasn’t started, so I’m trying to see how much I can...

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24 Oct Hello Clarice.

October is a time for cozy sweaters and pumpkin-everything. It’s also a time for for posting creepy, strange books and pictures with blood spatter. I happen to love blood spatter, in case you haven’t noticed. In another life I would love to be a blood spatter...

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16 Oct A Bewitching Duet

Happy Hump Day! How has your week be so far? Mine has been decent, busy, but not bad, if that makes sense? I meet up with my book club pals this Friday and I have been struggling with the book we selected for October. It’s...

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