The Most Constant

20 May Retreat

Books are my retreat. Words linked and crafted together to create incredible stories never fail to amaze me.  Worlds that I can effortlessly fall in to and become part of are my favorite places to be. I have been a part of more fictional worlds...

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19 May Mood

My taste in books is eclectic. What I read next does not follow rhyme or reason, with one exception. I am part of a book club and I do always attempt to read the current month's selection. Other than that, my reading is all of...

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15 May Habit

I write down what I read. I have been doing this for the past five years and I recommend this habit to any bookworm out there. In the last two years I've added a star-ranking system (1-5 stars), similar to what Goodreads does, but I...

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