The Most Constant

26 Sep Something Old, Something New

Thursday evening. Can you tell it’s been getting darker just a smidge earlier everyday? The time change in a few weeks seals the deal. As soon as the clock strikes four it suddenly feels like 8 o’clock. How does one hour make everything feel off-kilter?...

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14 Sep Weekly Goal: Low-Key Decadence

Good morning. The hours of Friday have spilled nicely in to Saturday. Because The Goldfinch was released in theaters yesterday, I traded my normal Friday post of books, dessert, and wine to talk about that. But in my thinking, it just wouldn’t be the same without...

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13 Sep The Goldfinch & Other Tartt Art

Today is two fun things. 1. It’s Friday! 2. The Goldfinch movie, based upon Donna Tartt’s 2014 Pulitzer Prize winning book by the same name, is released in theaters. Most of you, I’m sure are familiar with Donna Tartt, or at least with her books. Her three fiction...

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