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28 May Life Stories

Self-help is a genre that I almost always, without question, completely avoid. Upon seeing a self-help section I usually am rolling my eyes as I quickly pass it by. It's not that I think that professionals and other experts have nothing profound to say. My...

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25 May Fierce

Books are treasures. Blah, blah, blah. Scratch that. Books are fierce. They transport, transform, and let you trespass across any border you choose.  Books have become banned and have been burned.  Their words have the power to destroy, create, exploit, mesmerize, and above all, allow us...

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22 May Speak

I finished Carthage by Joyce Carol Oates about two months ago. I hadn't read a book by JCO in several years, however another one of her's, The Falls, is one of my favorite books. She is an incredible author, who tends to write domestic dramas...

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